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Why choose to book with Indigo and Violet? 

So, you have just got engaged and you are now planning all the details of your upcoming big day!
You are browsing around Google, searching for your perfect wedding photographer….

– You are worried because when looking at some photographers websites all you seem to see are endless boring group photographs and posed stiff portraits. Where is all the fun?

– You just want to enjoy your amazing day with your family and friends, laughing and having fun, not being told where to stand by a photographer.

– You are worried about having to stand for hours on end being awkwardly ‘posed’ by a photographer, just to try and achieve the ‘perfect’ shot.

– You want your wedding album to be full of real joyful happy moments and tears of laughter, instead of those fake ‘Cheese’ smiles.

– You want a wedding day, not a photo shoot!

I know that you want beautiful natural photographs from your wedding day, where you spend your time actually being with your friends, not standing for hours being awkwardly posed by a photographer under a set of hot lights.
I know that because those were my exact same fears when booking my wedding photographer too!  and I would like to officially reassure you that you have come to the right place! 

Indigo and Violet is all about capturing all that awesomeness that happens naturally on your wedding day! It’s about getting right in there and taking fun joyful photographs of you and your guests while you are having the time of your lives. It’s about you receiving back photographs of amazing things that you hadn’t realised had even happened!  If you want a few group photos of your nearest and dearest then sure we’ll do them, not a problem, but we won’t have you standing around bored! Think of me as your personal photographic ninja; capturing the atmosphere of your day and preserving for you the best memories that you will ever make!

My name is Jenny Ryan and I am the Owner and Photographer of Indigo and Violet Photography. As a documentary style wedding and family photographer, couples love that I am a specialist at taking beautiful candid natural photographs in a relaxed and unobtrusive way. 


    “I can’t thank Jenny enough for our wedding photographs. They are absolutely wonderful, and the details she captured are amazing. She was almost invisible during the day, only appearing when she needed to ask me something. Looking through the photos there are some that I had no idea she was nearby! But am so glad she was!” – A. Meran, Married September 2016


When you come over to my cosy little studio for a hot chocolate, to meet me and talk all about your wedding plans, you will see how passionate I am about my work as a documentary wedding photographer. Tell all about your hopes and dreams for your very special day and see how I can offer you a fun and meaningful alternative to posed and stiff wedding photography. You will see how I create unique and emotive photographs that will mean so much to you now and still in 50 years time. We will talk about why it’s important to you that I get in amongst your guests to capture the little details and the emotions that other wedding photographers would not think to photograph!

Eager to learn more? Fill in your details below and you will be taken to a page to download a copy of my Wedding Photography Guide, which contains all the information you want in order to see if I am the photographer for you!


Fill in your details below to be able to view and download your copy of the Indigo and Violet Wedding Photography Guide 2017/18.
It is full of all the information you might want regarding my approach to wedding photography and how it all works!

about weddings with Indigo and Violet in Derby


Jenny Ryan and Indigo and Violet Photography is based out of Littleover, in Derby.

Being an on-location specialist I get to work from lots of beautiful wedding venues and other stunning locations all over DerbyDerbyshireNottinghamshire, and the wider East Midlands, and also into Burton and Leicestershire too.
With my knowledge of the local area I can recommend the right location for your portrait, babywearing, or family photo session for the perfect experience for you and your children. 
Where is your favourite place to visit? Some of my favourites to photograph are Elvaston CastleBelper River GardensWollaton HallMarkeaton Park, and The University of Nottingham gardens.

For my family, newborn, and documentary sessions I also work from your home too. Our session might begin indoors before moving to the outdoor location so that I can provide you with a wide variety of images and I can capture what makes you you!

For my wedding photography I regularly travel further afield! My most recent weddings have been held in Derby, Coventry, Buxton, Bakewell, Sheffield, Nottingham, Shropshire, and London. – If there is cake, I’ll be there! 

I would love to hear from you, wherever you may be, if you are interested in my photography, please do use the Talk To Me tab to get in touch and we can discuss your ideas!


So, I am married to Neil, and I am mum to two awesome little boys. I have an Undergraduate and a Masters degree, and I have always passionate about always learning and working hard. 
I pretty much never watch TV so I am one of those weird people who can never join in those passionate conversations about shows like Bake Off, Breaking Bad, and GoT etc. Sorry!  I’m afraid I’m also not a fan of those other ‘normal’ things such as tea and coffee, and wine! Yuck! (I had a coffee once last year, and it made me shake for hours!).
Instead I love things like LUSH BATHS(!), books – piles and piles of books, psychology and anthropology, hot chocolate with cream, street photography, Haagen Dazs (all chocolate variants!), going to the cinema, indie guitar bands particularly those circa 2003-2007ish, geometric shapes and patterns, tattoos, glitter, aaaannnd emotional wedding speeches with lots of tears.
Frustratingly, I also have Coeliac Disease, which means I can’t eat many of my favourite things in life, including wedding cake! I am still mourning the loss of cake!

We have 5 chickens in the garden, a cat that quite possibly hates me, and my hair is regularly blue or pink or purple. 
My life wouldn’t be my life if it wasn’t full to the brim like it is. Full of dreams and aspirations, and the desire to always always be learning. I just wouldn’t be me if I am not juggling a million different things!


“​Jenny Ryan is a documentary style wedding and family photographer, who has won multiple awards from the Guild of Professional Photographers for her high standard of craftsmanship. Furthermore her work has been published in national and international wedding blogs such as So You’re Getting Married and Let’s Bee Together, and Your East Midlands Wedding Magazine (Oct/Nov 2018), and is featured on numerous wedding venue websites. 

Based in Littleover in Derby, she regularly travels all over the UK to photograph beautiful weddings and document everyday family lives. Jenny’s style is described as creative, fun, and innovative, with a strong emphasis on capturing emotions and joy. 

​Jenny is a registered professional member of The Guild of Professional Photographers, the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers, and also the Baby and Newborn Photography Association, and she is dedicated to Professional Development and continual learning. She is comprehensively insured and DBS certified.”

Jenny Ryan photographing a wedding dress


Indigo and Violet Photography respects your personal information and will only ask you for the information
really needed from you in order to photograph your event and keep in touch with you about it. 

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