Jargon-Free Beginners Photography Workshops in Derby by Jenny Ryan of Indigo and Violet Photography

Beginners Photography Training in Derby

I know what it’s like. You want to take better photos and stop relying on your phone. So you brought a fab ‘proper’ camera and an ‘Introduction to Digital Photography’ book. But now you are left even more confused than when you started! – The camera has so many buttons and the book is filled with horrendous technical jargon. 

I was once exactly where you are and so I have designed a beginners photography workshop specifically for people like you and I! A training course in Derby teaching you how to properly use your camera, in my simple, easy to understand, jargon-free way. A camera training course that teaches you in my visual and practical way – not an ‘f-stop’ in sight! A course that will show you how easy it actually is, and help you to love using your camera.


Who Is This Workshop For?


This beginners photography course has been developed to suit those that want to learn how to use their camera through a much more practical and visual method.

Maybe you are a Mum wanting to learn to use your camera in order to capture your family’s memories; maybe you are a small business owner wanting to take better photos of your products for your website; maybe you have a lifestyle business and want to create professional looking images for your social media; or maybe you just want to have fun learning a new skill!

I want for this workshop to be relaxed, fun and practical, where you have the ability to ask questions, be hands-on with your camera, and practice what I am teaching. You will leave the workshop with your camera set up and ALL the knowledge you need to go and start practicing!

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What Will The Workshop Cover:

The Camera Training for Beginners course will be a jam-packed 4 hours taking you on a journey from complete beginner to knowledgeable photographer.

From the comfort of my Derby home, you will learn all these is to know about using your camera and creating professional looking photographs. I can’t wait to welcome you and teach you everything:

Your Camera:

I will take you step-by-step through your camera's controls and show you what all the buttons and dials do and why. You will learn that it is not all so complicated after all!

Your Specific Needs:

You will have unlimited opportunity to ask questions in order to get the very most out of this workshop for you. We will make sure you leave the workshop confident and capable of going off and creating your very best photos!

Get Off Auto:

Getting a fab camera but using it on the Auto function, means you are letting your camera guess at what you are trying to photograph. This course will show you how and why you need to take back control and switch over to Manual!


We will talk about how light flows through your camera in order to make a photograph. Without ANY jargon, you will learn why a camera does what it does and how to control it!

Principles of Composition:

I will teach you the Principles of Composition; how watching where you place your frame helps you create much more engaging images.

Blurry Backgrounds

I know you love these dreamy hazy backgrounds that professionals achieve, and so I will show you exactly how it is done and how you can do it too.

Find Your Light

We will talk all about how light is the most important aspect to creating great photos, and we will practice your newly learnt skills in a variety of environments.

Workbook to Take Away:

You will receive a workbook filled with all the key details from the course, which you can use to make lots of notes and then take home to practice.



beginners photography

A 3 - 4 hour training session at my Derby home ~ Weekdays only, starting at 10am ~ Upgrade to a weekend day for an extra £50 ~ Workshop workbook to take home ~ Refreshments provided



beginners photography

A 4 hour training session at my Derby home for you and up to 5 of your friends (min 3 people) ~ Weekdays only, starting at 10am ~ Upgrade to a weekend day for an extra £50 ~ Workshop workbook to take home ~ Refreshments provided

£90 per person

Give a Gift Voucher

Why not purchase a training session as a gift for your loved one or friend.

Maybe a friend has been talking about wanting to learn to take better photographs for a long time! Maybe you have brought a camera for your partner or child (16 or over) for their birthday or christmas and want a training session to go with it! A Gift Voucher is a fantastic idea.

Just get in touch and I will pop one in the post for you to give them as a present.

What You Need:

To make the most of this workshop you will need to own and bring along a Digital SLR camera (DSLR).

I can teach you using your bridge camera, or point and shoot camera, but you cannot control the settings of these cameras in the same way as a DSLR so you won’t quite get the maximum out of the course. 

If you are looking to purchase a new DSLR camera then I always recommend Canon DSLRs, due to their ease of use and user friendliness. There are options for all price ranges. Please do get in touch if you want more specific help.