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Congratulations to James and Helen who got married at the extremely gorgeous Hazel Gap Barn, Nottinghamshire, on Sunday 28th July. An utterly beautiful day filled with laughter and joy, and it was an absolute honour to spend the day at their wedding capturing all their happy memories!

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Wood; Welcome to your Hazel Gap Wedding Photography Preview!

About Our Lovely Couple, Helen and James:

Helen explains how they met: “We met, surprisingly enough, on the dating app Tinder- we both swiped right and started talking! Our first date was a week later at the Robin Hood in Baslow and we hit it off straight away. Last orders came around very quickly and then we got kicked out! From that point on, we knew we were the ones for each other and James moved into my house 4 months after that first date! We have been together for about 3.5 years now and couldn’t wait to get married!”

The Proposal:

Helen and James actually booked their wedding venue before they got engaged, how awesome is that!
Helen explains: “Way back in Summer 2016 when I was training for Ironman Vichy, James and I were doing a long bike ride out in Nottinghamshire and we cycled past a gorgeous old barn which was having some work done to it. We both thought it looked lovely and wondered what it was going to be. Months and months later it popped up on my social media… it was to be Hazel Gap wedding venue and we both agreed it would be the perfect place for us to get married!
I kept a sneaky eye on the availability calendar online (you know, …just in case! ha ha!) and we noticed that all the viable weekends in the school holidays (I am a teacher) were getting booked up. So we decided to go and view it, and if we liked it, we agreed that we should just book it! We saw it in December 2017 and booked it that day! True to word, we kept it a secret until our engagement!
Later on, in March 2018, we went on a trip to Islay in Scotland. On the second day there we went on a long walk along the coast. It was a beautiful sunny day. We stumbled upon a lovely little beach with not another soul in sight. We had a wander round and as I turned to start walking away, James shouted me, I turned round and he was on one knee with the most perfect ring! He asked, I said yes! I cried! We sat down and James’s words were: “Now would be a good time to say I have got a bottle of champagne in the rucksack, but I haven’t. Shall we have a celebratory Creme Egg instead?” So that’s what we did!”

The Wedding Day:

On an unseasonably drizzly July day, Helen and her bridesmaids got ready at the Clumber Park Hotel and the atmosphere was full of fun and laughter! It was a really special moment when Helen’s Dad Bob saw his beautiful daughter as a bride.
Once ready, they jumped into Bridesmaid Judy’s car and headed over to Hazel Gap and to meet James for their wedding ceremony! Helen wore a beautiful skirt, bodice and lace over-top made by Georgina Louise, and held a stunning colourful bouquet. James wore a blue suit with a colourful buttonhole. They both looked so gorgeous and the drizzle wasn’t stopping their fun!

Hazel Gap Barn is a specially refurbished barn and exclusive hire wedding venue in the Nottinghamshire countryside. The wedding ceremony is held in the big main barn, lit by candlelight. It really is incredible! The registrars were lovely and accommodating, and really helped make Helen and James’ wedding ceremony wonderfully personal and meaningful. The readings made by Helen’s friend Ruth and Helen’s brother Dave we just perfect.

As Helen and James became Mr and Mrs Wood, they made their way out into the courtyard beneath a flurry of beautifully scented real petal confetti. The atmosphere was awesome and everyone had a great afternoon relaxing and laughing together! The delicious wedding breakfast was finished off by heartfelt speeches by James, Dad Bob, and Best Man Matt.

James Bradshaw and Bex Pizzata sung the First Dance song, accompanied by The Lowdown Band and special friends. Lots of people were on the dance floor, and everyone had an amazing time!

What One Piece of Advice Would You Give Other Couples?

“Think carefully about who you’re inviting and whether you want them there. Don’t be swayed whether you went to their wedding/whether you think you should have them there etc. Choose people who matter. Get on Pinterest! Have a band. Discos are crap!”

Congratulations again Helen and James! I hope you are having an amazing time on your Honeymoon and I hope you enjoy your little wedding photography Sneak Peek from your incredible wedding day at Hazel Gap Barn! – Jenny xx

Are you looking for a Hazel Gap Barn Wedding Photographer? A photographer with a relaxed style that will capture all the fun you and your loved ones have in this gorgeous barn wedding venue in Nottinghamshire! Please do drop me a message and see if I have your Wedding Date available! – Jenny, Indigo and Violet Photography xx