A Sunny Silk Mill Derby Wedding // Kate + George

On Saturday, Kate and George got married surrounded by their friends and family at the awesome Silk Mill in Derby! Even though it was April and rain could have potentially been on the cards, the sun shone beautifully and it filled everyone with joy for the happy day!

A sunny Silk Mill Wedding Derby.

Kate and George met way back in sixth form, and were friends until they got together in the summer of 2006. Now living and starting a family in Derby, they got engaged in Darley Park, and so a Silk Mill wedding was the perfect choice for their celebration!

The Silk Mill, on the banks of the River Derwent in Derby, was the world’s first factory, built over 300 years ago for housing machines for “doubling” or twisting silk into thread and is part of the Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site. It is now a Museum of Making, celebrating Derby’s rich industrial history, and empowering makers of the future. With this background, its ethical and environmental focus, and its location on the river, it made the perfect venue for Kate and George.

Guests began to arrive at around 3pm, and filled the room with hugs and chatter while waiting for the ceremony to begin. Lots of gorgeous babies, including Kate and George’s own little daughter Harriet, offered their happy little smiles to anyone who would look their way.
Kate soon arrived with her very proud Dad, and her sister and niece. She looked absolutely beautiful in her vintage-inspired summery dress, and Dad Brian was hit by emotion as we took a couple of photographs before they entered the building. 

The intimate humanist ceremony was led by their friend Katie, with a lovely reading by George’s ‘surrogate sister’ Clementina. Then it was out onto the courtyard for the most amount of confetti I have ever seen! The smell of the lavender was perfect in the sun! 

For our photographs of the new Mr and Mrs Stanton, it was only fitting to take some by the big Rolls Royce engine in the museum, and some by the riverside that is a big part of Kate and Harriet’s daily life. There was even a photography exhibit in the courtyard in front of the Silk Mill as part of the international Format festival, and so we took the opportunity to take some photographs here too! Onlookers gave their congratulations to the happy couple as they walked past, which was lovely!

Kate and George and all their guests, enjoyed Paella for their wedding meal, and sat at long tulip adorned trestle tables that filled the length of the Mill’s ground floor. Speeches were given by Kate’s Dad Brian, George, and the Best Men, but also by Kate too which was really lovely. The Best Men had the guests in stitches as they regaled the room with tales of Mexican cowboy lookalikes, and skiing holidays for the purpose of quarantine. 

Before we knew it the sun was starting to set and it was time for the dancing to begin. After a fantastic first dance by the happy couple, all the guests joined in with the party dancing to the awesome music provided by a brilliant local duo Davey Wilson and his friend Sam.

Kate and George’s day was filled with so much happiness and laughter it was just an absolute pleasure to spend the day capturing their memories for them! (What a wonderful job I have!)  I hope you enjoy this little preview of photographs before the full gallery is edited. 

Now let’s hear from Kate, on her top tips and favourite moments from her wedding day:

Tell about planning your wedding day!

  • Planning was fun, the hardest thing was making decisions,  (which venue? What month? How many guests? What photographer? The band? The budget). Each decision made feels like a triumph and takes a little of the weight off.
  • In the weeks before the wedding lots of little things need doing but they are all fun ones, final details (flowers, buttonholes, manicures, cake). 
  • My sister and mum made the cake. It was actually polystyrene! They decorated it with chocolate frosting and a flower cake topper – it looked the real deal but at a fraction of the cost and much easier to transport! We bought big chocolate cakes from Costco for people to eat, and nobody noticed that they weren’t eating the cake they’d seen us cut!
  • I went to the venue the evening before with a wedding prep team including my parents, best men and parents in law. My mother in law (Rosemary) did an amazing job doing flower arrangements on all the tables and in each on the 20 window sills. 450 tulips made quite an impact! It looked perfect.  
  • On the morning of the wedding Rosemary made canapés for everyone to enjoy at the drinks reception. They were a hit and all were eaten.
  • Jack (George’s brother) made 37 litres of sangria for the reception drinks! A slight miss calculation and we had 30 litres left over!

How did you decide on your wedding venue? What was important to you in your choice of venue?
We wanted somewhere local, and love the industrial, exposed brickwork look. We also like supporting our local council and Derby Museums. As soon as I saw that they did weddings we knew that’s what we wanted!

What did you do the day before your wedding?
Everything was done, so George and I went out for lunch while Harriet was in nursery. I had a cheeky lunchtime drink and then needed a nap! We picked Harriet up from nursery together then I left them to it and went to set up the venue. They had a great time as George doesn’t usually do all the bedtime routine himself so they both thought it was a treat. I was excited and  it really nervous as I just focused on what I needed to do the next day, rather them worrying about other people. 

What was your most memorable moment from your wedding day?
Probably the time we spend outside, after the ceremony. It was such a nice day everyone came outside when we were having our photos taken. Harriet was smiling at everyone.

What is your favourite photograph from the wedding?
The confetti shots! And the one of my Dad and I just before we walk down the aisle and he gets choked up.

What made you decide on Indigo and Violet for your wedding photography? 

  • The photos Jenny had taken of other people’s weddings! We like the candid shots and didn’t want too many formal shots or too much time spent on group/couples photos. 
  • Meeting Jenny sealed the deal as she was so organised and friendly and totally got that we didn’t want a very formal wedding. 

What top tips would you give to my other brides and grooms getting married soon? 

  • Wear a dress that you are comfortable in – My dress cost £72 (it was in the sale, down from £180, French Connection). I loved it and it looks great in the photos.
  • Use the best men, ushers, bridesmaids- give them all a job to do.
  • Don’t stress about buying extra things to keep people occupied (photo booths, table games) people just love chatting. 
  • If you give favours, don’t wrap them, it just makes the table look messy when people open them!

Do you have anything else that you can tell me about with regard to your awesome wedding day? 

  • The babies (Harriet and my nephew William, both under one) and children (both 3) went to sleep in a room just behind where the band was playing. It was so loud but they slept soundly! 
  • After the wedding George and I walked home with Harriet in the pushchair (I changed out of my dress!). 

A snap shot of Kate and George’s Silk Mill wedding in Derby

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Jenny xx