Kids: What Does an Hour Look Like?

What does an hour look like for a 5 and a 2 year old? 

Well, it looks like…

Parades and battle cries. Attacks by mini dictators.
Dinosaur chopping and searching for the moon.
Quiet examinations of flowers. And tears when you don’t get to have a go.
Chasing and shouting, until it’s time to stop for donuts.
Sticky fingers and licky lips.
​Carefully extracting every.single.sprinkle, even if it takes all day.
Talking over the fence to your neighbour about the wonders of fire!
Climbing and reaching, and peeking and smiling.
Being King of the Castle at just 2 years old.
Seeing if you can jump across alligators!
Laughing and laughing, and forgetting how to get your welly boot off.
The most beautiful smile in the world.
Scooting all the way to ‘Island’ (Ireland). 
Then remembering that you have to take your pet dinosaur with you!
Watching butterflies and a spot of heavy lifting.
Getting sad when you think your friend isn’t there to talk to you. 
But then they are!
Jumping SO HIGH on the trampoline that you think you will crash into the tree.
Having to go inside to raid the fridge. …Boys!
Wanting to be Mr Fox forever. Well, at least until tea time.
Funny faces and tired legs.
Even more jumping.
Jumping again!
And again!
Crashing down in front of the TV….



My Family Documentary sessions are fun, relaxed and playful sessions where the kids can just be themselves as that is exactly what we want to celebrate! 
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Jenny xx