Our Family Story

‘Our Family Story’ Sessions


Life doesn’t happen only in the grand events and the momentous occasions, it happens in those little everyday times, and it’s those in-between times that shape us and make our family.”

What would YOUR Family Story say?

Imagine sitting down with your children in 25 years from now, on the eve of their wedding day, and they ask you to tell them about your family life and their childhood years, what would you tell them? What would you show them?

If it were my children I would want them to know all about the ‘everyday’ tales of their life. I would tell them stories about the house they grew up in, about the cupboards they would play many hours of hide and seek in, about that favourite t-shirt that they always wanted to wear regardless of how covered in dinner it was. I would tell them about how they sat down for every meal at the dinner table right next to their brother, how the eldest would help cut up his younger brother’s dinner for him, and how they would always race to finish first. I would tell them about how their Daddy and I tucked them into bed each night and talked with them about their day, and about how they liked to kiss my hand if we were out and holding hands. I would help them remember how their mummy and daddy looked when they were growing up, and tell them how full of love our family life was.

Oh, this is just the tip of the iceberg, there are so many things that I would want them to know about their childhood and our family. – I still remember enjoying looking through my own childhood photo albums, do you?

At Indigo and Violet, telling family stories through beautiful photography is my reason for being. Pure and simple.

Our ‘ordinary days’ are in fact not ordinary at all. They are intricate and fascinating, and they are the very building-blocks of who we are.  They tell the story of who we choose to love, and how we choose to spend our time. They are the foundations on which we grow our family, and they are the anchor for our busy lives. They are the days and the moments that are most true to who we are and sadly they are also the most easily forgotten. These ‘ordinary days’ tell the story of our family; of our habits and of our heart. This story is the most important of all.  THIS is why I have created the Our Family Story family documentary sessions. 

Indigo and Violet Photography was founded on the principle of providing beautiful, natural, and, most of all, REAL, family photography. I take great pride in offering these unique storytelling documentary sessions as they are so important.

Natural relaxed Family Photographs taken in your own home


Your documentary family photography session will be 2 hours long and held primarily within the comfort of your home, with the option of venturing out for a walk as part of the session if you would like that!

Your package choices available:

1. Your session, post production, and ALL (60+) digital images: £400
2. Your session, post production, all (60+) digital images, and a bespoke 8″ album with 10 spreads: £700

Further Details:

The documentary family session is set at ‘up to two hours’ in order to ensure our time is not rushed. If you would like longer, in order to have everyone fully relax (as this is when the magic happens!) or so that we can go on a longer together for instance, then additional hours are then charged at £60 an hour.

If you would like to discuss any ideas you might have, or wish to put together an alternative package, or would like for me to document a very special event, like a birthday or a family get together, please don’t hesitate to get in touch regarding those prices! (I love parties!)

Please complete the session enquiry form here or send an email to  hello@indigoandvioletphotography.co.uk should you wish to enquire about my availability for your session!


Where better to capture the essence of your family than at your own home? Our home is the heart of our family unit and it is filled with memories and mementos that are really important to us and who we are. An Indigo and Violet photoshoot in your own home, garden and favourite places will be one that is treasured, and will prove to be a very special keepsake for future generations to come!

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