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Outdoor DIY Wedding at Ticknall Village Hall // Jordan + Joe

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Huge congratulations to Jordan and Joseph who got married outdoors at the lovely Ticknall Village Hall on Saturday 13th July 2019. What an amazing sunny day filled with laughter and joy, and it was an absolute honour to spend the day capturing all their happy memories!

Congratulations again Mr and Mrs Slater; Welcome to your Wedding Photography Preview!

Our Lovely Couple, Joe and Jordan:
Joe and Jordan met on a night out in a small town with just one nightclub. Jordan says “When I first saw Joe, before we had even spoke, I told my best friend Charlotte that he was the love of life. I guess that was probably the alcohol talking but hey, it turned out to be true! I don’t usually believe in love at sight but it worked for us! We shared our first kiss that night and we are now getting married on our 3 year anniversary!”

The Proposal:
“Joe proposed on a holiday in Lanzarote on the 4th July 2018 on a secluded beach. It was a really lovely private moment, just how we would want it to be.”

How Did You Choose Your Wedding Venue – Ticknall Village Hall
Ticknall Village Hall is a great venue for DIY weddings, as not only is it a fab hall space, but it has the benefit of a large garden and is surrounded by meadows and fields (with public footpaths!) which make for beautiful photographs!
Jordan explains why she chose Ticknall “We wanted day that truly reflects us and that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. For us getting married is about marrying the person we love, not putting ourselves in debt to impress our guests. Ticknall Village Hall allows us to tailor the day to exactly what we want and in a way we can afford. We want the day to be relaxed and fun, definitely not formal and that is what Ticknall Village Hall offers for us.”

The Wedding Planning:
“The creative side & thinking about how we want our day to look, feel and flow and thinking of ways of making it come to life. We are having a DIY wedding so coming up with ideas of what to make / display is lots of fun! Choosing things that important to us – i.e. having lovely photos to remember the day by forever, having a fun band that will get everyone dancing, food!”

The Wedding Day:
The first thing that was obvious was just how much time Jordan and Joe had spent sourcing and creating things for their wedding day. So much thought had go into the details that it was hard to make sure I had captured them all! Painted personalised leather jackets, Mr and Mrs Colin the Caterpillar cakes, table plans, signs, photo booth, bunting, present boxes, faux flower bouquets, personalised wooden lawn games, piñatas, marquees, and so so much more! Jordan, Joe and their family and friends had spent the day before, as well as the morning of their wedding day, setting it all up! It was incredible!

Jordan and Joe both got ready in separate wooden lodges at the John Thompson Inn in Ingleby. Second Shooter Charlie hung out with Joe and his bestman and his family, while I hung out with Jordan and her girls and her family. (Having a second shooter for your wedding is great for this part of the day especially!) It was forecast to rain all afternoon, but aside from a few teeny bits of drizzle it managed to stay perfectly dry and sunny all day!

After everyone was ready we headed over to Ticknall Village Hall and met their guests and Abbie from My Perfect Ceremony who was to be conducting the ceremony outdoors in one of the marquees (in case of the forecasted rain!). The rain held off though and their ceremony was just beautiful! Jordan looked stunning in her floaty Needle and Thread gown! 

Mr and Mrs Slater then spent the afternoon relaxing with guests and going for wanders in nearby fields with us for some beautifully relaxed couple portraits. They did away with formalities like group photos and first dances, opting instead for a low-key chilled afternoon of good food and good company!

The day was topped off with a set by the In Here Brothers; a guitar duo performing acoustic versions of 90’s dance hits. Everyone hit the dancefloor and had an incredible time! Such a brilliant day!!!

What One Piece of Advice Would You Give Other Couples?
– “Think about what is important to you as a couple, not what traditions you think should be upheld.”
– “If you stay true to yourselves you can’t have any regrets. Don’t get swept up with every beautiful wedding you see on instagram, trying to match it, your wedding will be perfect in your eyes.”
– “Don’t stress over little things, you’re marrying your best friend! at the end of the day thats all you need.”

Congratulations again Jordan and Joe – you are so perfectly made for each other and I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness together! Thank you for trusting me with your wedding day memories! – Jenny xxx

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