Relaxed Family Wedding at Horsley Lodge // Rachael and David

Congratulations to the gorgeous Rachael and David who got happily married on Saturday the 23rd September 2017! 

Rachael and David’s children, family, and friends gathered at Horsley Lodge in Derby to celebrate the joyful day and I was honoured to be their wedding photographer! The sun was shining, the dresses where beautiful, the suits were perfect and it was set to be a really happy day! 

It was only a year ago that the couple met and had their first date at Chatsworth House. Afterwards Rachael thought it would be a good idea to take David on a tour of Derbyshire. It was 3 months later that they then moved in together and 3 months later again that they brought their first house together – It was all just meant to be! (I just love happy stories like that!)

David soon proposed in the snow on Mam Tor on 14th January 2017. He explains “It was freezing but we soon warmed up in front of the fire at the Peak Hotel, drinking and playing Guess Who.” They described themselves as being perfect for each other. “We are similar in the way we behave and our expectations of life. We love spending time in each others company and spend all our spare time together. We enjoy nice food, country walks and lazy mornings. Our ideal Saturday would be to spend the morning relaxing in bed, drive out to the countryside for a pub lunch followed by a leisurely walk hand in hand whilst making plans, cuddling and kissing as we go.” – Perfect!

Rachael and David always knew they wanted their day to be a fun, happy, relaxed day. David chose Horsley Lodge in Derby as they both felt comfortable at the venue and there’s also a perfect little library type nook for any bored/stressed out teenagers to retreat to but to still be part of the day! 

Their wedding day went without a hitch, everyone danced and laughed and was merry. The Horsley Lodge team were excellent and their lovely Registrar gave a wonderful service that was really friendly and personal.
Rachael and David really know how to organise a party and I honestly left feeling as though I was one of their friends. Thank you so much for letting me share in your wonderful happy day Mr and Mrs Lee! I am so happy to be sharing your wedding preview with you today! I wish you both, and your family, all the happiness in the world! Jenny xxx