A Relaxed Summer Wedding in Ticknall Derbyshire // Sian and JC

Saturday the 11th of August 2018 was the day for Sian and JC’s awesome wedding in Ticknall Derbyshire! This is the preview of their wedding photographs!

The Couple:

English Siân and Spanish JC met online though a mutual need to learn the other one’s language. Siân explains “Rather than doing a course like normal people, we signed up to a website where you meet people who want to learn the oposite language to you. JC spent a whole 6 Euros to be able to send me an invitation to swap languages. We started to skype each other and with, at first, very rusty Spanish from my part and English from his, we learned! And after only a few months of skyping we met in Madrid. We ate tapas in La Plaza Mayor, listened to music in the park and talked all night before I had to hop on a train to a work meeting wondering if we would ever see each other again.” Of course they would, after months of falling asleep on skype every night, and only five actual face-to-face dates JC took a huge leap of faith and came to England to be with Siân. It was supposed to only be for 4 months but he just couldn’t go back!

JC proposed after rowing Siân in to the middle of a lake (which he says was so if Siân had said no he could have pushed her in! ha ha!) With a wobbly bending down on one knee, in a rocking wooden rowing boat, he asked Siân to marry him. They were away at Centre Parcs with Siân’s family, and only did so after asking her Dad for his permission. Bless!!

As a couple Siân and JC describe themselves as “Curious, untidy, future planners and science nerds, who love to dance in the living room, fall asleep on the sofa, and most of all who fancy the pants off each other!” Together they have a GORGEOUS little boy called Evan who is now almost 2 and is just brilliant. Siân and JC say “He is so affectionate and loves a cuddle. He’s wild, and has us laughing so much every day!”

The Wedding Day:

I met up with Siân and her family at the Spice of Life Hotel in Ticknall Village where they were getting ready for the day’s celebrations. The prosecco was on the go and everyone was milling about busily getting ready. Little baby George, Sian’s nephew, was happy chilling out in his chair watching the goings on around him! It was just a perfectly happy atmosphere!

Sian, her Dad, and her bridesmaids then walked the short journey to St George’s church in Ticknall, before meeting JC at the end of the aisle with a happy smile. Sian and JC’s little boy Evan played happily in the aisle fascinated by the choir, while the ceremony progressed. Out into a flurry of confetti when the new Mr and Mrs Ramirez, stopping by the old ruins for some group photographs before heading over to the Village Hall to continue the celebrations!

I was blown away by the level of detail Sian, JC, and their friends and family, had put into decorating the hall. It was transformed from a village hall into a beautifully modern wedding venue, with long wooden trestle tables and an on-trend white and eucalyptus theme with hand lettered signs and banners! The wedding favours were scottish Tablet, I’m thinking as a nod to where Sian’s parents now live. The menu for the day perfectly incorporated the couple’s dual heritage, with English fish and chips, and then Spanish paella!

Everyone had a wonderful afternoon in the hall and gardens, the lawn games and tree climbing were a big hit with the children. Shots were merrily in abundance and everyone let their hair down as the evening turned into a party with the arrival of the DJ. The dance floor was always busy and the dance-off was a particular highlight!

Congratulations again Siân and JC, and of course little Evan! It was a brilliant day and I wish you all a lifetime of happiness, laughter, and love!  – Jenny xxx

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Jenny xx