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There are many ways a photographer will approach photographing a couples' wedding. From the traditional formal approach, to the super 'creative' with tons of flash approach, and many in between. Indigo and Violet Photography is built upon the principle of "Beautifully Relaxed Wedding Photography". I offer couples like you an alternative to the more invasive styles of photographing a wedding.

With a blend of documentary photography, lifestyle photography, and beautiful portraits, my couples like that I am not an 'in your face' kind of person and I won't be dominating your wedding day. Instead I provide a relaxed approach which allows you to properly enjoy your wedding day and results in beautifully meaningful images taken by a friendly and non-invasive photographer. 

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Choosing a relaxed style of wedding photography like Indigo and Violet, is about you both as a couple, and how you want your photographer to capture your day.  My style and approach can be found somewhere between ‘documentary style’ wedding photography and ‘here to make you and your day look absolutely incredible’ wedding photography!

By booking Indigo and Violet Wedding Photography, you are choosing to have a photographer that:

  • Wants your wedding day to unfold naturally, without tons of instructions from me.
  • Wants for you to have an amazing time with your friends, because that’s where all the great natural photographs happen.
  • Blends in with your relaxed low key plans for your day, and is friendly and welcoming with all your guests.
  • Helps everyone to feel comfortable and relaxed even with my camera being there photographing them.
  • Ensures we have time to get some beautiful portraits of the two of you, without taking you away from your guests for too long.
  • Knows how to help couples feel relaxed while creating natural looking happy portraits.
  • Is prepared and professional and goes with the flow, reacting to all situations that might crop up.
  • Loves the natural joyful faces over the serious or posed faces.
  • Completely gets that your ideal wedding day isn’t a stiff and formal affair, but a fun happy day full of belly laughs and happy tears, and grass stains on your dress!

That’s what Relaxed Wedding Photography means to me.  – What about you? Is this what you are looking for too?  If so, then I’d love for you to Get In Touch so we can have a chat and see if your wedding date is available in my diary!


There are many ways that I work hard to ensure that you get to have the relaxed wedding day you’ve always dreamed about. I know it’s important for you to have a happy and non-stressful experience with me as your photographer, right from the moment you book with me, up until you receive your final gallery.
How I will ensure you have a relaxed wedding photography experience:
Online Booking –  Right from the start I ensure that your experience is as non-stressful as possible. That’s why I have online booking which allows you to move through the booking steps at your own pace (over a glass of wine). Clicking the link that I email you, you will first choose your package along with any add-ons you might want, all from the comfort of your home without any salesy input from me. You can then take your time reading through the contract etc, and complete a little questionnaire to help me get to know you both better. 
Welcome To My Home –  At any stage between enquiry and your wedding day you are always welcome to come over to my home to meet with me and have a cuppa. I like to invite my couples into my home so that you get to know me a little better, meet my crazy kids and chickens (I’m not sure which are crazier!) and so we start to feel more like friends rather than a strictly business relationship. This helps you to feel like you have someone you know with you when I am photographing your wedding day.
My Questionnaires – I have three questionnaires that I will send you between you booking and your wedding day. This is because I believe that it is super important for me to have all the information I might possibly need in advance, as this will ensure you have a relaxed wedding day knowing that everything is in order and without me having to pester you with questions. 
Pre-Wedding Meeting and/or Shoot – I think it is important for us to meet about 6-8 weeks before your wedding day so that we can sit down together, have a good chat, and talk through all the ins and outs of your wedding day plans. It is also a great time us to talk about any worries you may have or any problems that I might be able to help you with regarding your wedding day. This meeting takes place on the same day as your pre-wedding shoot if you have opted to have one. I do recommend having a pre-wedding shoot as they allow you to feel what it feels like to be photographed by me, again allowing you to feel so much more relaxed when we do it again on your wedding day.
The Wedding Day – On your wedding day I ensure you have a relaxed photography experience in a number of ways (most listed in the section above). But primarily, I work hard to not get in your way, to be unobtrusive, and to do everything I can to put you both at ease. Wedding days are stressful enough without having your photographer flitting around you and asking millions of questions and barking orders at you! I wholeheartedly believe that it is my job to go largely unnoticed, and to read the signs and go with the flow. This makes my couples have a positive relaxed wedding photography experience of their day.
Couple Portraits – This is the part of the wedding day that most couples worry about (unless you have had a pre-wedding shoot with me already, and therefore know that it’s nothing to worry about!). They fear that taking portraits will be stiff and awkward. But in fact, this is the time that my couples all come away from feel super happy! This is because I help to make this time happy and relaxed using my method of obtaining natural smiles and joyfulness as well as stunningly beautiful photographs! It is also because you both have had a little minute to enjoy each others company, away from the hustle and bustle of your wedding guests and schedule. Enjoy it!


If you like my fun, natural & relaxed approach to photographing your wedding day. I’m talking unposed loveliness brimming with life, real joyous moments caught on camera, beautiful portraits of the both of you that you will want to hang on your wall, and so much more. Then take a look at my Indigo and Violet Wedding Photography Guide HERE and then Get in Contact with me HERE to check if I have your date available!  – Jenny xx