Six Things Your Wedding Photographer Wants You To Know // Jenny Ryan

As a Derby wedding photographer, and as a photographer that specialises in relaxed wedding photography in particular, I often get asked how a couple can help to make their wedding look even more amazing in their photographs. Well, here are just a few tips that I hope will answer those questions!  – Jenny x

1. Do YOUR Wedding YOUR Way!
– Tune out everyone else.

Your wedding day is the day you marry your best friend. – That means you get to call the shots on what that day looks like!

Maybe you would like the simplicity of saying your wedding vows to each other in front of your four best friends in a tiny chapel in the Peak District.
Maybe you want it to be completely vegan, despite the meat-related moans from your Dad.
Maybe you want a big 200-guest affair at The West Mill in Derby, with magicians and a string quartet.
Maybe you don’t want to wear white. Maybe you want to wear black.
Maybe you want the party to end all parties in a tipi beside the river, with a huge big barbecue as the sun goes down.

The beauty of getting married in 2019 is that you can celebrate your wedding day in whichever way you want! The options are practically limitless, which means you can really express your personalities and make your wedding completely bespoke to you.

No one has the right to make you feel as if you should do your wedding day a certain way. Not your mum, not your best friends, not Instagram, not a wedding blog, and certainly not all those wedding magazines that are endlessly pushing weight loss tablets and non-surgical aesthetics. As your wedding photographer, I love how my couples can personalise their weddings so much more these days, and it is a true delight to work with a couple who know exactly want they want and do their own thing! 

You do you, boo! Your wedding plans are just perfect as they are!

2. It’s Best If You Somewhat Ignore Me!
– Yes, really!

Now this feels like it goes against all social norms, but trust me, the photos you will love the most from your wedding day are the ones where aren’t looking at the camera but you are completely ignoring that I, your photographer, exists! Ha ha!

You know, the photographs where you are laughing with reckless abandon, or the ones where you and your new spouse are enjoying a precious stolen moment together? They are totally better than posed ‘camera-aware’ photos. That’s why you have booked me and my documentary wedding photography style after all!

So, please do go right ahead and forget about me being there with my camera as much as possible. Forget about ‘good sides’ or whether your hair is still 100% perfect, just relax and let go! Focus on your gorgeous loved ones and ignore your wedding photographer. Your photographs will thank you!

Your complimentary pre-wedding shoot is a great opportunity for us all to hang out together and get to know each other ahead of your wedding day. It will also help you with learning to feel relaxed with being photographed in this way. You’ll quickly see that it’s not awkward at all and you’ll feel loads more relaxed on your wedding! 

3. Unposed Couple Photos are a Little Bit Posed. – In the best possible way!

Now we all know that we love the un-posed photos the best, you know, those ones where you completely forgot I was there. But when it comes to getting those really wall-worthy couple photographs, you will probably need just a teeny little bit of help from me.

You have booked indigo and Violet for your wedding photography because you want nice natural and relaxed images, so I hear you asking why you would need my help with your couple portraits. Well rest assured I really don’t do much, but I just help you both look your best, because let’s face it, you probably have never have professional photographs taken before and might be feeling a little nervous.

Basically, I am here to help you know where to stand with each other. Maybe I’ll say “Face towards each other, and bring your hips nice and close” and then I’ll simply leave you to chat and to giggle and to hug each other completely naturally! Maybe I’ll ask you to “walk along holding hands through this gorgeous meadow” next to your venue, and while you’re doing it I’ll suggest that you could talk about the thing you are looking forward to most out of the rest of the day. – Just to give you something to focus on and take your mind off of being photographed.
See, my kind of posing is not so scary after all!

4. Consider The Little Details. – They help tell the story of you.

Think about how you can bring your personalities and tastes to your wedding day. Remember to think about all those little details and little touches that will help tell the story of your wedding day.

I have seen couples print photographs of them and their guests from when they were all younger. I have seen couples create a Top Trumps game out of their wedding guests. I have seen tables named after favourite holiday destinations, complete with trinkets and memories collected while they were there. I have seen Grandma’s name stitched into the bride’s wedding dress in her own handwriting, so that a little memory of her could be kept close. I have seen couples sing a meaningful song to the other. I have seen bespoke socks made with the couples’ pets faces on. I have seen DIY bouquets, and bunting sewn by all the women in the family.

The possibilities are endless, but it just helps your wedding feel so much more personal to you, and also means when you look back at your wedding photographs you will be reminded of all these special things! Photographers love to capture all these fantastic little additional details for you!

5. Party Like You Mean It! – Hit that dance floor!

There is NOTHING a photographer likes more than a fully jam-packed dance floor with every single guest getting jiggy with it to their favourite wedding songs! These photographs are the ones that couple particularly have an awesome time looking through when they get their gallery back too!

Take some good time thinking about your wedding playlist and what songs will be best! – Think about those first 5 songs following your First Dance in particular! Then talk to your DJ or band, and make sure you are both on the same page in that you want to get the dance floor jumping so that we can get some incredible photos! Choose well known big hitters that everyone will want to dance too! These are the songs that your photographers will get the most shots of your guests dancing to! Maybe even consider a song that has recognisable actions – that always makes for fun photos!

After those first 5 songs lots of people will tend to slink off to the bar again and it is usually time for your photographers to start to pack up, so that is also a good time to then play some of your more obscure favourites. Then, once everyone is well and truly lubricated again, later on into the night, you can get that party going once again!

6. Re-Live Your Wedding Day Through Your Wedding Photographs.

When you get that exciting email from me telling you that your wedding gallery is now really for viewing, resist the temptation to open that gallery right away! Instead, together choose a good evening that coming week and put “DATE NIGHT – Wedding Photo Viewing” in the calendar.

Then on that day, first go out for dinner in your favourite restaurant and spend some time enjoying each others company. Then, when you get home, open a delicious bottle of wine and put on your wedding playlist. Then sit down in front of the laptop or computer together (not your phone!) and open up your gallery of your wedding photographs and enjoy looking through each and every stage of your amazing day together! With my online wedding galleries you can even select the automatic slide-show feature to make it even easier! Enjoy re-living all the memories from your wedding, and enjoy experiencing all the photographs of the moments you didn’t even get to see! It makes for a really special evening doing it this way!

Then, send the link to your Mum and Dad so they can share in the memories too!

I hope that helps you think about your own plans for your wedding day!

Are you getting married and looking for a wedding photographer like me? Get in touch! I can’t wait to help you capture all your awesome memories!!