Our Family Story // The Goodman Family in Derby

Family playing together

There is seriously nothing I love more than a Family Documentary session. Getting to spend two hours with a wonderful family, gaining the trust of the littlest ones, joining in with their games, and then creating some magical natural and real images for them to remember those childhood days by. It just makes my Mummy-Heart so so happy!
So when Laura contacted me about a Family Documentary photography session, to mark the end of a very tough couple of years for their family and to celebrate Toby starting school, of course I was really excited to meet them and help make some meaningful photographs that they would treasure forever!

You see, the thing about my Our Family Story sessions is that they are completely undirected by me, I don’t tell you where to stand I don’t tell you to smile, I rarely intervene at all. Because these sessions aren’t about me, or ‘perfect’ posed photographs, they are about YOU!  These sessions are called family documentary photography because of this reason, I document you and your wonderful everyday life. Using my knowledge of light, composition, and human psychology, and my sense of anticipation for what’s about to happen,  I make photographs of you and your family and the beautiful connection that’s present between you all.

One of the important features of my photographs, and the thing I work hardest to capture within my sessions, is the love and emotion that transcends your day-to-day and the things you get up to. I want to show you just how much love your children have for you, in all they many ways they show it, and the looks of pride that you parents give your children a million times a day. I want to capture the touches, the joy, and the comfortable way in which you all hang out together. Because THIS is your life, this is the loving place in which you and your children grow and develop, this is the very thing that is shaping them and their character. And if that doesn’t deserve to be photographed and preserved for them and you to always look back on then I don’t know what does! 

I met Laura and her awesome family at their home in Derby on a drizzly August day, and after gaining the trust of Toby and Seth, who were a little wary of me and my big camera, we had SO much fun together and it was a joy to watch their little family and witness the love that was infusing everything they did.

One of my favourite things about these Family Documentary sessions is the way I get to ‘hold a mirror up’ to you and your family, so get out of the daily stresses and worries and you can see things better. Usually it is you, mum, who carries the anxieties about the children, and worries about their development and whether you are doing everything possible to help create a happy childhood for your little ones. So I cherish privilege I have of being able to slow things right down and SHOW mum how absolutely adored she is and how wonderfully happy the children are and what an amazingly good job she has done of raising such beautiful children! It just makes my heart sing!  Laura in fact messaged me after seeing her photographs for the first time and told me that the photographs had made her ‘one very emotional mummy’, and that right there is why I do this job.

Just have a look at this little selection of photographs from their session. I hope you can see the love, joy and pride in the images. Don’t they just make you feel happy!  

Jenny xx

Would you like me to help you document and preserve your family life? This wonderful moment in time, before things change as they inevitably do as our children grow?
​What would you like for your children to remember about their childhood? Would you like this wonderful experience? Just get in touch, I would love to work with you! 

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