Tutbury Castle Wedding Photographer // Aileen + Wayne

Tutbury Castle Wedding Photographer Aileen and Wayne

Congratulations Aileen and Wayne on your beautiful wedding at Tutbury Castle on the 22nd July 2017!
What an amazing day in such an incredible location, it was such a pleasure being your wedding photographer! I hope you enjoy your little preview collection, before your full gallery is ready for you in a few weeks!

“Love is just a word until someone comes along and gives it meaning.”   Paulo Coelho

Aileen and Wayne met when they were in school – Wayne was in the year above Aileen and they eventually met and got together through one of Aileen’s best friends’ brothers (Natalie, one of Aileen’s bridesmaids and Jon, one of Wayne’s Ushers).
Aileen writes, “We always kept in touch, we’d talk about music, comedy and our favourite video games – I always maintained that anything between us had been and gone (despite the arrival of butterflies everytime I accidentally bumped into Wayne at the shops or at other friends’ houses!) 
After having broken up with another long-term boyfriend, I was speaking to Wayne on Facebook and he invited me out to the cinema (on what I didn’t consider a date, I kept it as casual as possible and even wore my “Rock out with your cock out!” T-shirt), but the rest is history really, because after wrestling with my feelings for him for so long, I finally realised that I did in fact really like Wayne and that had been how I’d felt all along! We saw each other for a good few months before making ourselves “Facebook Official” on 8th November 2010!”

Just how awesome is that!

After a chilled out pre-wedding session at their home in Derby, I couldn’t wait to see Aileen and Wayne again on their wedding day. I knew it was going to be a fun one! Tutbury Castle is a really perfect place for a relaxed wedding, with everything in one stunning place, and the most amazing views one could ever wish for. With so much history steeped within its walls, it is really fitting place to start a new journey!

The sun was shining and met Aileen, and her parents and her bridesmaids, at her parents home in Derby. There was so much excitement in the air as Aileen got into her amazing dress. We all even headed off to Tutbury early as we were all too excited and ready to go!
Driving up to the castle remains it was all looking beautiful, they had all done such a wonderful job on the decorations and preparations! 
Wayne was waiting nervously inside the Great Hall, one of the historic rooms where Mary Queen of Scots was held for some time, and the guests were all seated and in great spirits.
Their ceremony was a really happy one, and before we knew it we were out in the sunshine being showered in hugs, kisses, and bubbles! 

The day then involved all kinds of fun including cocktails, family photographs, curry, dancing, beers and cigars. Their first dance as husband and wife was particularly wonderful as Aileen and Wayne had been practicing a dance routine that was just perfect. The day couldn’t have been happier and when the time came for me to leave I had a great big smile on my face!

Congratulations again guys! I wish you both all the happiness in the world! 

Jenny xx

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