“But what about if we…?”

In case you have any questions about what I offer or how I work I have created this little list of FAQs for you.
If you would like some more detailed information please just give me a call for a chat, or feel free to head over to the Downloads page and  take a copy of the I+V Wedding Photography Guide.

What is Documentary and Lifestyle Wedding Photography?

I consider my style a blend of Documentary and Lifestyle photography; this means that I put my heart and soul into capturing your day honestly and beautifully as it naturally unfolds. No fake smiles, no strange posing, and no overly elaborate lighting set ups! Instead I am always on the look-out for those precious raw moments and natural portraits that tell the story of your wedding day, capturing you and your guests naturally as you enjoy the day together. If it rains, or if your groom sheds a tear when he sees you walking down the aisle say, then that is what we will see in your photographs, after all we want to remember YOUR wedding day, as special as it was, not an overly polished ‘magazine’ wedding shoot. Not many photographers have the creative eye, or the powers of true observation, for beautiful documentary photography, it is most certainly an art. For me, I think my ability stems from my background in psychology (BSc and MSc).
To compliment your natural candid photographs I also think it is lovely to take a bit of time out from the craziness in order to capture some very special bride and groom portraits. These can be completely natural or these may include a tiny bit of direction so that I can get the best light and the best angles for you, and this is where the Lifestyle side of my work comes in.

If you would like to learn more about the different styles of wedding photography then this is a great little article: 

How do we book you?

First things first please get in contact with me to check that I am available on your wedding date!  Head over to the Talk to Me page to fill out the Contact form. It is good for us to have an initial meeting about your plans so that we can see if we would be a good fit for each other, and help you decide whether to book with me. These meetings are to be held at my home studio in Derby, where I have all the information you may require at hand. All I then need to formalise your booking is a signed contract and receipt of your non-refundable retainer  (40% of the accepted quote). The remainder is then due 5 weeks before your wedding day. Then I can get you in the diary and our planning of your amazing day can begin!
How much does it cost for you to travel to our wedding?
I love travelling all over for weddings, as there are so many beautiful locations and venues to see and experience with you! Travel costs to locations within a 25 mile radius of my house in Derby are included in your package price. Outside of that my travel costs are charged at 0.25p per mile, or the cost of my ticket(s). If the venue is more than 1.5 hours from my home overnight stay(s) may be required. I will always provide you with a travel quote when you enquire so you know exactly what the travel surcharge will be.
How will we make our plans?
It is very important to me that you get to know me before your big day, and I want you to feel able to contact me should you wish to, Included in your package price are two in-person consultation sessions (at my home studio, or within 45 minutes from my home), which are a great opportunity for us to have a good chat over a cup of hot chocolate. If this might be difficult for you, or if you live further away, I can phone you or we can try out my newly acquired Skype skills!
How many photos will we get?
This one is never easy to answer exactly as every wedding is so different, but I would say that you will typically receive around 50 images per hour that I am with you. All of these images will be uploaded to a USB which is yours to keep. They will also all be uploaded to your online gallery for friends and family to view and order from. You can then decide which of these images you would like to put into your photobook.
When do we get to see our photographs?
I give an estimate of up to 6-8 weeks (depending on the time of year) for you to receive your full Wedding Gallery back. This is so that I can make sure I have edited each and every one of your photographs to the high standard that I require. It will usually be more like 4 weeks, depending on workload. You will however be able to view a selection of ‘Sneak Peeks’ from my Facebook page up to one week after your wedding day, as I know how excited you’ll be to see them!
Can we order prints through you?
You most certainly can! I am a full-service photographer and so I offer a full range of professional print options, including fine art papers and prints with metallic pigments. Wedding clients can take up to 50% off my normal print prices. Your family and friends can order prints through your online gallery, this way they won’t need to keep hassling you both! You can also order things like canvases, desk accessories, and parent albums, too.
What do you love most about weddings?
I ADORE weddings! Being a wedding photographer is my dream job. Being a romantic at heart I love immersing myself in your story and helping you preserve your wonderful day. I can sometimes be found getting teary-eyed behind the camera during your vows (Shhh don’t tell anyone!). I particularly love photographing the bridal prep stage of the day as the process of a girl transforming into a bride is just breathtaking to watch. I also just love all the little details that make up a wedding day too, from the invitations, to the bouquet, to the table decorations. 
What is included in the pre-wedding photoshoot?
Your pre-wedding photoshoot includes a 30 minute  photo session to be held at a location local to Derby, or even your wedding venue, usually 6-8 weeks in advance of your wedding day. Holding it at your venue allows us to view the location together to create a gameplan for your big day, as well as meet any wedding coordinators, or rectify any worries or concerns. It also includes all the edited digital images. These will be placed on your online wedding gallery for you to view and download. 
If you then would like any prints, signing frames, or thank you cards made from the images these can be ordered.
If you would like a full ‘Engagement Photoshoot’, of up to two hours, incorporating locations that are meaningful to you, and a greater number of photographs, then these can be available upon request. These sessions would cost an additional £110.

What song is most likely to get you on the dancefloor?

Well that is a good question! I must say I am very partial to the typical wedding playlist and anything that makes me want to strut my diva stuff! Love a bit of Rihanna or Beyonce, Madonna is always a winner. Love an Indie Disco too!

Do we need to feed you at our wedding?

It is always so very much appreciated when a couple feed me at a wedding as I can’t fit many sweaty sandwiches into my camera bag alongside my lenses and photography equipment. You have hired me to work alongside you for a long day of continuous work and it is only natural that I will need a break, food, and a rest. Most couples provide me with a meal in a separate room to the wedding party, but at the same time as they are sitting down to eat, as no one likes photographs of themselves when they are eating! Also it gives me the opportunity to take a breather and reset my equipment in preparation for the rest of the day.
Tell me about the Second Shooter.
I always recommend to my couples to choose to have a Second Shooter work with me on their wedding day. The benefits they bring to the running of the day and to the images we can obtain together as a team far outweigh the small additional cost. Especially if you have a guest list of over 50 people, because I just can’t be in two places at once. Having a second shooter also allows up to capture periods of the day that run concurrently such as both the bride and groom prep sessions. 
The second shooter is always a professional wedding photographer like myself. They will be vetted and hired by myself and are usually people that I have worked with on multiple occasions so I know that we work well together.
You won’t meet the second shooter before your wedding day, and this is entirely normal practice across the wedding industry. This is because they are working under my instruction and are therefore to be viewed as just an extension of me.
How and when do you need our payment?
After your enquiry I will provide you with your personalised quote for your wedding photography package, any additional items, and any travel costs. Forty percent of this total is required upon signing the contract to secure your wedding date in my diary. This is typically paid via Bank Transfer. 
The remaining sixty percent is then required five weeks before your wedding date. If this is not paid in full before your wedding date then I cannot photograph your wedding day. 
What will I need to sign?
I will prepare a contract for you to sign, this includes all the terms and conditions of the booking agreement. It is important that you read through this before signing so that you are completely happy with it’s contents. You sign this elctronically for ease.
What happens if you get ill?
I will do everything in my power to ensure that I am on top form for your wedding day. However, on occasion there are things that fall outside of my control, including me getting too ill to work. In the unlikely event of this happening I will work my hardest to secure you a replacement wedding photographer in a similar style as my own. I am very lucky to know a large number of wedding photographers across the UK, and I belong to professional organisations that I can call upon to find a photographer in a time of need. 
What gear do you have ,and do you have back up?
I shoot with only high-level professional equipment, my camera bag includes two Canon 5D Mark 3 cameras. I use a variety of professional level lenses for creative purposes, and tend to use predominately prime lenses. Prime lenses have a fixed focal lenses are usually quicker and sharper than zoom lenses, which is very useful in a wedding environment. My preferred shooting style incorporates a shallow depth of field, and I love to utilise artistic embellishments such as playing creatively with light and angles. Along with my back up camera body and multiple lenses I always carry back ups of all other things such as flashes, memory cards, and batteries etc, too.
I love my photographs! Can I order prints?
Of course you can! All wedding clients get either a 25% or a 50% discount on my print prices! There is also discounts available on my other wall art products such as the Acrylic Wall Art, and Framed Prints. Please do get in touch!